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Automation Gets the Job Done

Do you feel overwhelmed with the management side of your business? You shouldn’t have to spend your evenings trying to code bank transactions and worry if your MWI bill is paid. Automate those things! Read more here.

Student Loan Twist

What if you can help your employees with their retirement and their student loans at the same time. All tax-deductible! It all seems to be in making…  In the veterinary industry, 3.1% of gross revenue is spent on benefits packages. That number is based on the recently published Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints (10th Edition), and it is […]

4 Steps to Consider Before Changing Veterinary Software

Jumping dog

Some people say, if it’s not broken, don’t touch it, if it’s working, why look for something better. If your practice is paper only, and you are just now looking into getting a practice management software, stay tuned for our next blog on how to turn a paper only clinic to paperless one in 2 […]

My Identity Has Been Stolen

  After gathering up all my tax documents, my preparer calculated my tax returns and I am getting a small refund. A fancy dinner refund, but I am excited just the same! On my way to the dentist, I stopped at the office to pick up my documents and sign the paperwork authorizing electronic e-file. […]

Auto Deduction for Veterinarians

Many veterinarians use a car or truck for business and/or personal use. Are you aware of what you need to keep and how to account for your expenses? That vehicle that sits at your clinic overnight and that you never take home or use it to run for a soda at the gas station might be 100% business use. These […]

How Will the Recently Passed Tax Laws Effect Your Veterinary Practice – Part 2


We outlined some of the major provisions effecting a veterinary practice in our most recent blog post.  Since then, our wise Washington leaders took it upon themselves to reinstate many of the tax credits and deductions that expired December 31, 2016, retroactive back to January 1, 2017.  Yes, provisions that went by the wayside over […]

How Much Does it Cost You When People Pay by Check?

Paying by: Let’s say there is only one check left that you have to issue because the vendor doesn’t accept anything besides cash and checks. It’s every month. Check Total of $3.426/month ($41.112) Cost of check – 80/250 ($80 for 250checks) = $0.32 Person ordering the checks and when they come unpacking and storing them […]

Tell Your Money Where To Go

          Main reasons why people don’t do budgets because they find it boring, unnecessary, they don’t have time, find it difficult or lack the confidence in making money-related decisions.  Budgeting in 4 steps!           Step 1 – Track your expenses – There are two ways to do this. Hard way and easy way! I used to write […]