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Do you remember why you became a veterinarian?
Years ago you had a dream. This dream to be a hero to furry friends and their
families. You went to school, went through hours of training and decided to
become your own boss. What was exciting at one time now seems overwhelming and stressful.
Between practice management, employee issues, and the finances, your practice has turned into a full-time PLUS job. If you are lying awake at night trying to figure out the day’s problems, then it’s time to get help. After all, did you really sign up for this?
Dr. Coplin in action
We help Veterinarians develop into the leaders they always wanted to be. There is a better way.
Solutions by DVMCPA is about creating leaders. Leaders equipped to handle
the practice management issues that are most prevalent in today’s practices.
*Employees – Leadership and understanding are needed to navigate today’s
employees. Managing multiple generations, we most often misunderstand
their different culture and life purpose. We help you create a culture where
all employees are embraced and developed.
*Practice management– As your practice grows, the need to understand
your financials and key metrics becomes a required skill set. Your numbers
tell you something. We help you understand where the problem areas are
and design a plan to correct and improve them.
*Pricing of products and services – So many veterinarians focus on the
pricing instead of the value of the service being provided. Unfortunately,
competition dictates your price, leaving you feeling like the only thing to do is
sell more services. Working harder and not smarter is a trap!
We help you understand how you are unique and how to charge for that value.
*Scaling up or scaling down – Growth strategies and succession planning
are two of the top issues facing veterinarians in today’s market. Baby-Boomers are getting ready to retire and you need to have a strong plan in place to ensure your legacy and finances are secure. After all, you have spent years growing your practice, and your clients are not only friends but much like family. Don’t you want to make sure you are leaving your company in good hands? We help not only the budding entrepreneurs of vet practices but also those ready to leave their practice in good hands.
Life is short. Wasting time on problems that can be solved is costly. It’s not just money. It’s emotional energy that could be better spent with friends and family. No need to wait to tackle the hard problems alone.
Solutions by DVMCPA is about making your dream, your leadership and your practice be all that you dream it to be!