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Feeling Overwhelmed? Empower Your Team!

Accountants for veterinary groups

There are only so many hours in one day. Learn how to improve your work-life balance by delegation. What to delegate and to whom and what not to delegate. Check out this article published in Today’s Veterinary Business written by Mira. 

Veterinary Compensation

CPAs for Veterinarians

Veterinary Compensation Based on AVMA Census about 50% of veterinarians are paid a straight salary, roughly 10% hourly, 10% production only, and 30% mix of salary and production. That brings a lot of questions to the table. Who earns more money? Is it the veterinarian on production or the person on salary? Money put aside, […]

Student Loan Twist

Student Loans

What if you can help your employees with their retirement and their student loans at the same time. All tax-deductible! It all seems to be in making…  In the veterinary industry, 3.1% of gross revenue is spent on benefits packages. That number is based on the recently published Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints (10th Edition), and it […]

Tip: Out With Bonuses, In With Incentives


Have you ever set up, adequately explained and regularly monitored a bonus program that ties much closer to practice goals that benefit patients, practice owner and employees?

The Power of Fetch

This was my second time at Fetch. The conference itself is much smaller than WVC. The atmosphere is very different, and you get to know people. I liked it. San Diego in December was a balm to my soul since we live in Idaho, where the heavy snow was coming down, and, in a few […]


There is so much to talk about after returning from Fetch. The following blog will have more info, for now, watch this trailer. 🙂

What’s Your Vibe?

Have you ever stopped “practicing” long enough to observe your clinic or hospital?  What messages are you sending your clients when they walk in your door, interact with your team, and meet with you?  Do you know?   If you are like most typical veterinary hospitals, everyone is too busy to worry about all those […]

How To Make Your Boss Happy?

1. Make his/her life easier.  Figure out what he/she needs and how to deliver it.  2. Get to know him/her.  How does he/she operate? What is the preferred communication; email, phone, verbally? What does he/she care about? 3. What are his/her goals? 4. Never blindsided him/her. Always keeps him/her in the know. There is nothing worse […]