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Data Security in Veterinary Hospital

Accountants for veterinary groups

In our newest podcast, our guest, Clint Latham, J.D., a data security expert in the veterinary space will share some thought-provoking stories. He also points out some free resources on how to mitigate your risk of cyberattack, best procedures, and how and where to start. Clint’s goal is to help veterinarians realize the value of their […]

Current Challenges in Veterinary Industry

Accountants for veterinary groups

In today’s episode, we want to share some experiences from VMX. What is new in the industry? What seems to be the challenges today’s veterinary clinics are facing? Listen to the full episode here.<>If you prefer to read for a little bit longer, keep going. It is so cool to be back traveling. I do […]

Veterinary Compensation

CPAs for Veterinarians

Veterinary Compensation Based on AVMA Census about 50% of veterinarians are paid a straight salary, roughly 10% hourly, 10% production only, and 30% mix of salary and production. That brings a lot of questions to the table. Who earns more money? Is it the veterinarian on production or the person on salary? Money put aside, […]


CPAs for Veterinarians

It’s the end of the year and many animal clinics are ramping up to do the year-end physical inventory. Do you have to? Should you? Jimmy Bell will answer questions related to year-end inventory. Tune in to our podcast<>

How to Apply for PPP Loan Forgiveness


Most of the veterinary hospitals already exhausted their PPP loans by now.What is the next step? If you received your PPP loan before June 5, 2020, you have a choice to use 8 weeks period to use the funds or a 24-week period. Those periods are also known as a covered period. If you have […]

PPP Loan Forgiveness

CPAs for Veterinarians

As PPP loans are being approved, many ask will the 100% of my loan be forgiven? What to watch for and what is not forgivable? Tune in for our Veterinary Insights Podcast.

CARES Act & Cash Flow


Having trouble with cash flow? Not sure how to plan for tomorrow? Have you heard about the PPP loans, grants and tax credits now available to small businesses? Tune in. If you have any questions as always don’t hesitate to leave a comment or reach out to us.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Take advantage of new payroll tax credits. Find out what qualifies and what is your responsibility as an employer. What are your employee’s rights and how to pay for their sick leave and medical leave? Listen to our podcast Prefer to read? Check out this article published in Today’s Veterinary Business written by Mira.