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How Much Does it Cost You When People Pay by Check?

Paying by: Let’s say there is only one check left that you have to issue because the vendor doesn’t accept anything besides cash and checks. It’s every month. Check Total of $3.426/month ($41.112) Cost of check – 80/250 ($80 for 250checks) = $0.32 Person ordering the checks and when they come unpacking and storing them […]

Don’t Become a Buggy Whip

Just the other day, I read that a major national retail chain had declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. How could a once thriving company potentially become extinct?  While I don’t know the specific details, perhaps it was because they continue using an all but dead business model.  This company sells and rents music, movies, games, and other entertainment through […]

Why Use Xero in Your Veterinary Practice?


Why do we use Xero for our own company and also recommend it to our client’s for online accounting?  Here are a few of the reasons.  Xero is very user-friendly and is simply better,faster, and smarter.  The Xero bank reconciliation is simple and efficient, it has an approval system for invoices and bills and offers features that […]