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Data Security in Veterinary Hospital

Accountants for veterinary groups

In our newest podcast, our guest, Clint Latham, J.D., a data security expert in the veterinary space will share some thought-provoking stories. He also points out some free resources on how to mitigate your risk of cyberattack, best procedures, and how and where to start. Clint’s goal is to help veterinarians realize the value of their […]

Automation Gets the Job Done

Do you feel overwhelmed with the management side of your business? You shouldn’t have to spend your evenings trying to code bank transactions and worry if your MWI bill is paid. Automate those things! Read more here.

The Power of Fetch

This was my second time at Fetch. The conference itself is much smaller than WVC. The atmosphere is very different, and you get to know people. I liked it. San Diego in December was a balm to my soul since we live in Idaho, where the heavy snow was coming down, and, in a few […]

4 Steps to Consider Before Changing Veterinary Software

Jumping dog

Some people say, if it’s not broken, don’t touch it, if it’s working, why look for something better. If your practice is paper only, and you are just now looking into getting a practice management software, stay tuned for our next blog on how to turn a paper only clinic to paperless one in 2 […]

Auto Deduction for Veterinarians

Many veterinarians use a car or truck for business and/or personal use. Are you aware of what you need to keep and how to account for your expenses? That vehicle that sits at your clinic overnight and that you never take home or use it to run for a soda at the gas station might be 100% business use. These […]

5 Do’s and Don’ts – Cyber Security

The world has changed and we have changed with it. It doesn’t matter if you were on the top of the curve with the tech geeks or if you followed the crowd and purchased your smartphone when everybody you know already had it. With great technology comes great responsibility.  Myth “I am not putting anything […]

Tell Your Money Where To Go

          Main reasons why people don’t do budgets because they find it boring, unnecessary, they don’t have time, find it difficult or lack the confidence in making money-related decisions.  Budgeting in 4 steps!           Step 1 – Track your expenses – There are two ways to do this. Hard way and easy way! I used to write […]

How Long Should I Keep My Returns?

You should keep your returns until the statute of limitations runs for filing returns or filing for a refund. For most taxpayers, that means keeping those records generally a minimum of three years following the date of filing or the due date of your tax return, whichever is later. In addition to the returns, keep […]

Why Some Practices Struggle?

In the beginning, there was an idea, a vision, a goal. Start a practice, be your own boss, work flexible hours and most importantly, do what you love to do and what you believe in. The beginnings are so sweet, full of passion and determination.  However, according to statistics published by the Small Business Administration, […]