The Power of Team

You might recall a blog I wrote a few months ago encouraging you not to become a buggy whip. One of the points I was trying to make deal with how technology was changing the ‘way we work and the adverse effects of doing things “the way we have always done them”. In continuing with […]

Don’t Become a Buggy Whip

Just the other day, I read that a major national retail chain had declared chapter 11 bankruptcy. How could a once thriving company potentially become extinct?  While I don’t know the specific details, perhaps it was because they continue using an all but dead business model.  This company sells and rents music, movies, games, and other entertainment through […]

Why Use Xero in Your Veterinary Practice?


Why do we use Xero for our own company and also recommend it to our client’s for online accounting?  Here are a few of the reasons.  Xero is very user-friendly and is simply better,faster, and smarter.  The Xero bank reconciliation is simple and efficient, it has an approval system for invoices and bills and offers features that […]