Why Use Xero in Your Veterinary Practice?


Why do we use Xero for our own company and also recommend it to our client’s for online accounting?  Here are a few of the reasons.  Xero is very user-friendly and is simply better,faster, and smarter.  The Xero bank reconciliation is simple and efficient, it has an approval system for invoices and bills and offers features that […]

Xerocon: Cloud-based accounting is not happening, it already HAPPENED.

Jim and Mira #xerocon

Last week we visited Xerocon in San Francisco. The only thing that didn’t surprise us was the cold weather.  LOL! Xero is a cloud-based accounting software alternative to QBO (QuickBooks Online). Why would I want my books in the cloud? – It will give you unlimited access. If there is the internet, there is Xero. You can sit […]