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Xerocon: Cloud-based accounting is not happening, it already HAPPENED.

Jim and Mira #xerocon
Last week we visited Xerocon in San Francisco. The only thing that didn’t surprise us was the cold weather.  LOL!
Xero is a cloud-based accounting software alternative to QBO (QuickBooks Online).
Why would I want my books in the cloud?  It will give you unlimited access. If there is
the internet, there is Xero. You can sit on a beach in the Bahamas and see who owes you the most money, simply pay a bill by a click of a button or review if there is enough money to run a payroll.
Is it secure?  All data is stored within enterprise –grade hosting facilities. It’s protected and controlled by multiple layers of firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and routers. And if your computer or laptop is stolen or damaged, you don’t lose or risk your data!
Where do I download the software and how much is it?  No download needed! Let us help you create your account. Conversion of old data to the cloud is possible and we are pretty good at it! This is subscription based software. You pay every month, as you go.
Ok, so that’s accounting part, what about the rest? Glad you ask, because there are over 500 apps that integrate with Xero. There is automated fully integrated payroll, storage of every receipt (that IRS audit would be a piece of cake with that, huh?), reimbursement and employee expensing, inventory control, scheduling system and tons of others. Ask us, because I can tell you it does take a while to learn all of them. And we already use a lot of them so why not let us suggest and implement the perfect combination for you.
Sit down, relax and enjoy the numbers at your fingertips. Make your decisions based on real data of today, not last quarter…
We use it and we love it. Currently, we are a silver partner, which means we have quite a few clients in the cloud successfully converted and happy.

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