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Why (not) to hire a new graduate as an associate for your practice.

The time is here! It’s time to hire a new doctor at your practice. This is a very exciting moment since the hiring might change your practice forever.
Know when to say when.  Some avoid hiring new grads from fear and misperceptions; the new grads lack client-communication know-how, are inexperienced and lack technical skills. Most have no confidence in their own abilities, will make assumptions or run unnecessary procedures and make other costly mistakes. So why would you even bother to hire a new grad?
Here’s why!  Advantages of hiring new graduate;
1. Bring fresh ideas – You will learn from them as they bring knowledge of the latest treatments. Be flexible and allow yourself to learn from and be transformed by what they will offer.
2. Handle emergency load without any complaints – Young people without commitment and families are more likely to be flexible with work schedules, stay late, and cover the weekend.
3. Waiting to be shaped your way – Being their first position, your processes will help formulate
habits and traits matched yours. This can be a huge advantage.
4. Eager to learn and work hard – For them, this is a dream come true. Practicing veterinary medicine is why it all started and now it’s happening! Your practice will be fused with excitement and enthusiasm.
5. Are affordable – The salary cost may be lower for first few years. Don’t forget to consider the cost of mentoring and teaching and keep in mind, they will not be able to pull in as much income as an experienced veterinarian. When negotiating on salary, make sure you are presenting real numbers for both sides, since those fresh college grads may carry large student debts (82% over 150k)
Of course, in the end, it all comes down to your needs and goals.

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