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Happy Employee = Productive Employee

Happiness is measured from both the employers’ and employees’ perspective.  As an employer, you have the vision of a great team, giving 100%, and always meeting or exceeding deadlines. Employees offering solutions rather than problems or complaints.  But, have you hired personalities fitting to the environment you offer or are trying to build?  If not, re-evaluate and reload.  Things to consider…
We believe happy employees start with a good boss. The way you treat your employees has a great impact on their happiness. Are you open and available? Do you thank them on a regular basis and show them appreciation? Do you ask them for input and involve them in a decision process? A good boss makes all employees feel welcome, never excluded or uncomfortable, and is truly committed to assuring their work-life balance is a priority.  And of course, there are the benefits and perks. As a small employer, there might not be much that you can afford, but the little things mean a lot.
Here are few ideas:
  •  Genuinely care about each member of your team and their families
  •  Offer flextime including flexible vacation and personal days
  •  Stock the fridge with free beverages
  •  Buy them lunch
  •  Consider a monthly get-together breakfast
  •  Celebrate birthdays and other special occasions
  •  Create space for relaxation and breaks
  •  Minimize unnecessary emails and meetings
  •  Value personal development and allow personal choice by letting them choose their training
  •  Don’t force responsibility; offer it instead
  •  Celebrate successes and offer customize rewards
  •  Create and communicate career pathways
  •  Set aside time for bi-directional feedback and evaluation
  •  Encourage healthy lifestyles, since healthier is happier.
  •  Consider a results-only work environment  or ROWE 
The productivity of happy employee raises by 12% while unhappy employee’s productivity goes down by 10%. Companies like Google focus on employee satisfaction and their percentage is 37!
So how do you know your employees are happy?  Signs of a healthy workplace include employees obviously enjoy coming to work, are enthusiastic and proud to be part of the team, and respect and trust the people they work with.
Now go make them happy and I guarantee they will make you happy in return.

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