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Pet Insurance Can Bring 52% Increase in Revenue

In the United States, less than 1% of pets are covered by pet insurance. Apparently, not many pet owners are convinced that their healthy puppy will need a surgery one day or extensive care, which they might not be able to afford. As a veterinarian, this should be a no-brainer. So why not help your customer’s bank account and help yours, as well? If the pet is covered by insurance, the pet owner will more likely go ahead with the procedure and you will get paid. No discounts, no write offs, no charity…
Steps to take:
1. See if you can find an employee who is passionate about the pet insurance (just ask, you might be surprised). Let them spend time on research and send him or her to training, if possible. This will be your go-to-person. Make sure your pet insurance guru stays on the
top of new rules and pricing.
2Your “Guru” should be the one who talks to every new or existing client who has no pet insurance. Remember, it’s not a sales pitch. All you are trying to do is raise awareness,curiosity, and add value.  If done well, your pitch speaks for itself!
3. Educate your clients about pet insurance with free handouts, blogs or posts.
Tip: If you can’t find a passionate employee maybe a freebie might help- You can offer employees anew benefit – Staff pet insurance!
What Pet Owners don’t know Pet insurance can be an affordable option – cost of pet
insurance for a dog can be $30-$40 a month (20% or more cheaper for cats).
What Veterinarians don’t know Pet insurance doesn’t work like health insurance. There
is no special coding or extra cost associated with pet insurance for a veterinary practice.Insurance is in a form of reimbursement where the customer has to submit claims. Usually customer can put charges on credit card and get reimbursed before the credit card payment is due. Win-win for everyone!!!
Insured pets versus uninsured – 43% increase in visits and spending up by 52%.
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