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American Rescue Plan: Employee Can Get Paid While Obtaining a Covid-19 Vaccination

The Family First Coronavirus Response Act included a mandatory requirement to offer paid sick leave. This expired as of December 31st, 2020. Employers were, in return, eligible for payroll tax credits to offset the cost associated with FFCRA.

The first extension of those credits was throughout the end of March 2021. Employers are not required to offer emergency paid leave. As of January 1, 2021, covered employers were permitted to voluntarily extend paid sick and family leave benefits.

Now those credits are extended throughout the end of September, 30th 2021.

What are the major changes?

  1. Leave can be taken for obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. The hours are reset, so if an employee already used 80 hours in the past, starting April 1, 2021, a new 80 hours is awarded for a full-time employee.
  3. Leave can be also taken when an employee is suffering or recovering from side effects related to the COVID-19 vaccination.
  4. If you request your employee to take the COVID-19 test or the employee is seeking or waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test because the employee has been exposed to COVID-19.

Most of the veterinary staff members might be vaccinated by now, but for those who aren’t, it’s a great way to offer the employee a paid time off while they are obtaining the vaccine. The employee doesn’t need to worry about loss of income if they get a reaction to the vaccine.

Can your payroll provider handle the tax credits? Did you miss out on those credits in the past? Are you struggling with keeping track of used paid sick leave hours? We might be able to help. Start here.  

Reach out with any questions.  

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